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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19260374148209287153892Josh McDonaldGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts1 1Melbourne
284734246148209300788884*Renee CoxGeelong 22018/2019North West B Twenty201 1St Anthonys
372809973148209287168272Charlie E DahlenburgGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds1 1Melbourne
469311518148209287155669Eamonn VinesGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts3 1Monash Tigers
564205387148209287155664Tim LudemanGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts3 1Monash Tigers
656362636148209287170056Jack RodgersGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Seconds3 1Monash Tigers
755195604148209287155655Hayden ButterworthGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Firsts3 1Monash Tigers
851890424148209287205151Connor RonanGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Fourths1 1Melbourne
950590334148209287192550Josh CollinsGeelong2018/2019Kookaburra Men's Premier Thirds2 1St Kilda
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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