Date of Event : Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:12PM


On behalf of all of us at Geelong Cricket Club, we would like to congratulate Luke Muller on playing his 300th club game for us this Saturday 18 November 2017.

Luke has been one of the great all-round cricketers at the GCC.  He made his debut in 2002/03 from his home club Newtown & Chilwell CC.
His tight off-spin bowling and his ability to bat for long periods are a testament to his powers of concentration and skill. In 2010/11 opening the batting, Luke pounded Camberwell Magpies into submission amassing 198. Only missing out on a double century in the race for quick runs and doing the team thing.

With the bat, Luke will punish anything short. The pull shot is the left handers trademark shot. He spent his early First XI career as an opening batsmen who could bowl a few tweakers. You could argue that his bowling slowly overtook his batting prowess and at the height of his powers, was considered one of the state’s leading off-spinners.

While his stats as an all-rounder are among the best in the clubs history, his leadership skills are also of the highest order. Captaining a Premier cricket clubs Second XI is not an easy job. Nurturing our young up and coming talent and assisting players coming back from the First XI is a real challenge. And to do this while trying perform yourself and play at the highest level makes it even more difficult.  Luke has done this with class and without fuss. There’s no doubt that many Geelong cricketers owe their success to the care that Luke showed for them.

Add all of that to a man with a team first attitude and a razor sharp wit… following in the footsteps of his sporting idols Garry Ablett and Trent Walerys, Luke, you a true legend of the Geelong Cricket Club.

We all know that Bluey is his most common nickname.  However during a rain delay a few years back, the team decided to embark on listing all of Blueys nicknames. The final count was 161... not far off his highest club score actually.

His most important and thought provoking nickname is Frosty. This one came about after learning of Luke’s early brush with frost bite during a family snow trip to Lake Mountain. Luke was playing hide and seek with his older brother, Jason. While Luke was hiding, his brother got a little bored and headed back inside to a hot choccy and the open fire. After a while, Luke was extremely happy with himself believing he had finally outsmarted his brother.

2 hours later and freezing cold, he wasn’t quite as happy.  

Without going into too much detail, 2 hours in subzero temperatures for a 9 year just doesn’t end well. Unfortunately, frost bite had begun set in and over the coming weeks doctors did all they could but little boy blue Luke lost very tips of his fingers.

A sad story but as we all know, one that has a happy ending.

Well played Luke and we wish you all the very best to continue for many more games to come.

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Author: Geelong Cricket Club